ERP and eCommerce integration may be complex, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming

With eCommerce sales volume increasing at accelerating levels, organizations must align frontend and backend systems to ensure positive experiences, and ERP integration is vital in this process.

In this eBook we dive into these topics:

  • Why Does ERP Integration Matter?
    - Improving Internal Visibility into Operations and Assets
    - Accelerating Logistics Around Order Processing and Fulfillment
    - Creating Better Customer Experiences Through ERP Integration

  • Putting ERP Integration Into Practice
    - Major ERP Integration Challenges and What to Do About Them
    - Integrate Magento Sites with Sage
    - Integrating ERPs with Shopify Plus

  • Driving Success With ERP Integration
    - Successful ERP and eCommerce Integration in Practice
    - Magento and Shopify Plus Case Studies