Pixafy & Sage talk with Prime Distributors – the Caribbean’s largest food wholesaler.

With in-person shopping limited by an ongoing pandemic, Prime Distributors – the Caribbean’s largest food wholesaler – needed a scalable digital platform to get online and start selling to business buyers in record time.

In this on-demand video Adam Goldschmiedt, Practice Director for Pixafy & Nancy Teixeira, VP at Sage, talk with Jared Ramkellowan, eCommerce/IT Manager at Prime Distribution, about their launch of an ERP integrated eCommerce solution in 100 days using Magento Commerce and Sage X3, with topics including:
 - How merchants can accelerate time to market on erpCommerce™ by Pixafy 
 - The importance of integrating ERP workflows into enterprise eCommerce solutions 
 - Treating ERP as the “source of truth” to drive your new online business